...re-inventing techniques that allow the flow of material from the unconscious to influence the direction the works will take. My work is influenced by my dreams and my relationship with the natural world. Working instinctually, using mixed media, paint, charcoal, ink and constant experimentation with  images, building layers and text, I am working to bring the Feminine to the modern digital age.  These hybrid artworks are the results of years of combining techniques and experiments as well as my many years of experience in painting and drawing. For the first time I am offering my prints to the public using digital media for exhibiting.

Paulette Claire Turcotte is a poet, artist and author living in Victoria B.C.


Paulette's poetry and art has been published in various presses in print and online, such as Ygdrasil, Angel House Press, Ditch, WorldPoetry Month.ca, Sidewalk Oracle, Churn Magazine, ZIGEST MAG, A-Minor, When Women Waken, The New Post Literate, The Tower Journal, La Cita Trunca, Banned Poetry, Quarry Press, Anthos, Vox Feminarum, Room of One's Own/Room, Synchronicity, Atlantis, Waves, a Tree Anthology, edited by Heather Ferugson, Ottawa, Decanto Anthology, Poemata Anthology. Her work has been featured in Ygdrasil, 2013, When Women Waken, Words Fly Away: Poems for Fukushima and Churn Magazine 2015, Diaphanous Press.


Paulette is editor of Banned Poetry/VOX, cdris/PRIMITIVA Press, co-founder of Split Quotation Press, one of the founding members of the Pacific Festival of the Book, Curator of a ZINE- Alternative & Modern Arts and Review and AVANT-GARDE poetry ZINE. She has been recipient of the ANTHOS Poetry prize and a Canada Council grant for writing (short stories). As well as three non-fiction books, she has four books of poetry with her art. The Book of Marecha, a chapbook and three poetry books, long poems with art: Visions at the Edge of Time, Bride of Sorrows, The Mysterium of Godde. Paulette has books in Penn Libraries: the Book of Marecha, and The Woman Who Could See In All Directions At The Same Time and HERSELF/MYSELF: the sensuous art of ageing in University of Toronto Library.




my online literary Zine can be found at:   http://www.scoop.it/t/avant-garde-poetry

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Paulette Claire Turcotte was born in Peterborough, Ontario and has been involved in the arts for more than 40 years. Her art includes paintings, sketches, sculpture, multi-media prints and mixed-media art. Known for her work with dreams and creativity, Paulette has worked 30 years in Jungian analysis and studies and more than 40 years in the arts.

Her latest hybrid artworks and prints are the results of years of combining techniques and experiments as well as her many years experience in painting and drawing.


My work explores the human relationship between the Jungian archetypal, dreams, ancestral dimensions in the collective unconscious against a backdrop of the Canadian landscape, wild nature, eco-feminism and working-class ethos.

Mainly isolated and self-taught, my work has evolved from an intense exploration of the instinctive movement of images from the unconscious, beginning with line, light and shadow. Tensions rise from the spontaneous movement and images creating a continuous dialogue between a conscious and unconscious process. As the work progresses the tension increases through an exploration of constructed and deconstructed images. In the beginning, colour was secondary, and my development began with the natural blending of rich hues in oil paint, following my own impulse and eye for balance.

Claire is an author, visionary and outsider poet and artist. Her art has been exhibited in numerous shows in Ottawa, Hull PQ, Toronto, Curve Lake, Peterborough, Eganville, Foymount and in Salmon Arm and Victoria, B.C. Her poetry and art have been published in various journals and anthologies in print and online, as well as video.

Her canvases approach the primitive, drawing from roots in the depths of the collective unconscious.

Turcotte’s cavasses emerge in stream of consciousness as she follows the surfacing images into form. She has often likened it to “the Dance.”

Opposites endure, images of faces blend in thick impasto with background, seem dissociated from an original meaning or intent, seemingly birthed from Turcotte's unconscious and entered the world as autonomous beings. 


Her prints and works on paper evolve in similar fashion to the canvases, the images given full sway as they rise from the collective unconscious.


Paulette has lived on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish People since 1997. (Victoria, Canada) Her work is informed by her working class background and her studies of Carl Jung, in depth analysis, her love of wild nature and her life experience. Canada's lush west coast continues to inspire her poetry and art.

In the early 80s her work was discovered by an arts patron in Seattle Washington who purchased more than 200 pieces. You can read more about her story in a forthcoming book, The Shaman in the House of Dreams. Other books pending are, books of poetry with her art, What the Dead Want, and The Silence in the Centre of Bone.